Carioca Gold Thin Granite Flooring Tile

DETAIL:Carioca Gold is the golden yellow granite with crude grain, erythematic shape. its' origins is Brazil

Antique wood marble Wall Tile Bathroom

DETAIL:Antique wood marble is a kind of grey wooden vein marble quarried in China. This stone is for Exterior

Tiger Skin Red Bathroom Floor Tiles

DETAIL:Tiger Skin Red is one kind of Fujian red granite. With good density structure, and good texture, including high laudability

Oriental East White Marble Tiles

DETAIL:As a kind of white marble from China, Oriental White Marble is commonly used in Exterior - Interior wall

Maple Red G562 Tiles

DETAIL:Maple Red Granite G562 is cheaper red granite than Tianshan Red granite. Maple Red has consistent grains

Grey G654 Thin Tiles For Sales

DETAIL:G654 Granite, always can be called China Impala or dark grey granite. Gaining high popularity in both Indoor