Garden Vases And Urns

Green granite large garden urns and memorial vase inserts for headstone is the popular designs for US, CA and European market. From the image we shared, you could find that we make it in square and round shape with tropical green granite.


We can also be bespoke made to order in virtually any shape and size large garden urns and memorial vase design, if you have a special request please feel free to communicate with us upon the matter.Our prices are affordable and competitive please contact us.



Specification details of Granite vases and urn pots

Our products mainly meet the European market and Asia market.

Our main products

Granite tombstone

Granite monument

Granite gravestone


Black tombstone

Black granite

SHANXI black granite

Granite tiles

Granite slabs

Granite countertop



Chinese granite

Granite fireplace

Poland/Russia/European tombstone

Tombstone design

Natural stone

Culture tone

Granite vases

Granite grave vase

Vase for memorial

Black tiles

Tombstone and monuments

Black granite quarry


Green granite large garden urns and memorial vase inserts for headstone


Density: about3.5g/cbm��4.5g/cbm

Water absorption: 0.04%

Bending strength: 37.6mpa

Compressive strength: 259.7mpa

Brightness: over 92

Polishing degree: over 100 degree

Tolerance of thickness:1cm:+/-0.5mm,1.8cm:+/-1mm, 2cm:+/-2mm

2 Materials:

Domestic or imported granite, marble, etc.

3 Color:

black, green, red, pink, etc.

4 MOQ:

1 set



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